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NFRW Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
 Tennessee was proud to have 22 ladies representing our "great state" at the National Federation of Republican's Convention.  The women attending as delegates or alternates were:  Sandy Bingham, Sharon Boreing, Phyllis Bracken, Linda D. Buckles, Brenda Davis, Rebecca Griffey, Millie Gump, Donna Howard, Joy Huggins, Kay Kelsey, Linda Kollmann, Renae Martin, Gale Morton, Patricia Pruett, Sara Sellers, Marie Tillman, Barbara Troutman, N'gaio Wesenberg, Lyn Windsor, Teresa Wood and Ashley Worlock.  Phyllis and Millie's husbands, Bob and Mike also attended.  These women represented the TFRW by attending all the business sessions, several different events and different workshops.  The networking opportunities these women were exposed to were phenomenal.  Our ladies wore their "pink scarves with silver elephants" at every event.  TFRW ladies networked more than is typical with ladies across the country because they were committed to campaigning for their TFRW President, Linda D. Buckles, for the NFRW Member at large position. Instead of serving as NFRW Member-at -Large, Linda will be supporting the NFRW at the pleasure of the NFRW President. 

The TFRW was awarded the Betty Heitman Award for State Excellence (Accomplishment Level) for their efforts in demonstrating community relations, programs, campaigning activities and state functions. 

The Club achievement awards were presented to Clubs that demonstrate excellence in membership development, campaign activities, community relations, programs, and club functions. The levels are Diamond, Gold, Silver or Bronze, and they will be presented at the TFRW Convention. 

Campaign Volunteer Awards are presented to States that demonstrate excellence in donating volunteer time to the benefit the of the Republican Party, Republican Candidates or the NFRW. We won FIRST PLACE in the area of 50-79 clubs, with  306,615 volunteer hours. Senator Mae Beavers was the volunteer with the most volunteer hours for the TFRW with over 6000 hours.  

Membership Awards are presented to the States and Clubs that demonstrate Excellence in the area of membership development. The Highest Percentage Club Membership Increase 2016-2017 Washington County Republican Women. Congratulations!! 
Bylaws Amendments for the TFRW Convention
Jennifer Little, Bylaws Chair, sent the proposed Bylaws Amendments to all the TFRW Convention Delegates, but some of the emails were not up to date and bounced back, so the proposed Bylaws Amendments are being sent out again in the Iris Messenger.  If you did not receive them the first time from Jennifer, please check with Marie Tillman ( to correct your email.  This is why it is so important that you have the correct email address on file with the TFRW. 
Please review these amendments before the Convention and direct any questions to a member of the Bylaws Committee:
Jennifer Little: 423-736-0731,
Susan Witcher: 615-655-3596,
Barbara Outhier: 615-202-7849,
Beth Webb: 901-826-6186,
Linda D. Buckles
TFRW President

Morning in America Award

TFRW President Linda D. Buckles was in good company receiving the Morning in America Award this past week at the Sullivan County GOP Reagan Day Dinner. This award is given to someone in Sullivan Co. that embodies the optimistic spirit of Ronald Reagan. All activism begins locally! 
TFRW 31st Biennial Convention Deadline Reminders
Memphis October 21-22
TFRW 31st Biennial Convention
Our TFRW Biennial Convention is upon us!  September 29th, is our deadline for:
Convention Program ADS Click here for forms
Convention Sponsors Click here for forms
Convention Vendors Click here for forms
We need each club to help with the following: 
Donation of an item valued at $50 for the Opportunity Drawing
Donation for 250 small items for the Convention Tote Bags.

 Convention Hotel Reservations 
If you have not yet made your hotel reservations, please do so immediately.  Unfortunately, the rooms in the Convention Center are all booked but we have additional rooms across the street in the Fogelman Center.  If other rooms become available in the Convention Center, they will be released to us to get as many of our people as possible into the Convention Center. 
We are excited for the plans being made for you to have a wonderful time while you are in Memphis on October 20-21.  We are looking forward to seeing you then.
Thank you,
Millie Gump, Convention Chair
Convention Committee Members

Schedule "Tentative" for the TFRW Convention
This is a copy of the "Tentative Schedule" for the TFRW Convention: 
Rough draft for Friday, October 20, 2017:
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM:  Registration and Credentials will be open
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM:  TFRW Hospitality Suite Open
Noon - 5:00 PM:  Venders Open
1:00 PM - 2:30 PM: "Passing the Torch" - Workshops - Club Presidents, Club Treasurers, Membership Chairs
2:45 PM - 3:30 PM:  Area VPs Workshop, IT Workshop
5:30 PM - 6:30 PM:  Blues band, Cash Bar Reception
                             Opportunity Drawing Begins
6:30 PM:  Invocation and Pledge - Dinner served (BBQ)
7:00 PM:    Welcome - Lee Mills, Shelby County Party Chair
7:10 PM:  Introduction of Special Guests
Friday Night will be the Gubernatorial Candidates Forum (Get to know your candidates and their platforms)
7:35 PM:  TNGOP Chair Scott Golden will introduce candidates and let each one have two minutes for an opening statement.  Scott will then ask prepared questions on important topics:  (Opioid addition, Crime, Education, Creating and Keeping Jobs, Social Profile/Pro-Adoption).
8:30 PM:  Each candidate will have a two-minute closing statement.
9:00 PM:  Thank You to Everyone - Program concludes
***TFRW Executive Board meets after program ends.

Rough draft for Saturday, October 21, 2017:
7:00 AM - 8:30 AM:  Registration and Credentials Open
8:30 AM:  Prayer Breakfast (Memorial Service)
9:30 AM - Noon:  Opening Session One (TFRW Business; Reports from Officers, Area VPs, Standing Committees, and Special Committees; Elections)
Recess for Voting
12:15 PM - 1:15 PM:  Business Lunch
Speakers:  Representative Debra Moody & Senator Dolores Gresham
1:30 PM - Opening Session Two (Bylaws Revisions, Resolutions, Awards, Convention Bid for 2019)
5:30 PM - 6:30 PM:  Open Bar
6:30 PM:  Dinner
7:15 PM:  Introduction of Congressman David Kustoff;
Introduction of & Presentation to Congressman Marsha Blackburn by Rieta Selberg; Immediately after speakers:  Installation of New TFRW Board and New Area VP's
Adjournment - Sine Die
***TFRW Executive Board Meeting immediately follow

TN GOP announcement regarding Senator Bob Corker
Nashville, Tenn. - September 26, 2017 - Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Scott Golden released the following statement regarding Senator Bob Corker's announcement to not seek reelection:
"Senator Corker has served with distinction and fortitude since he was first elected in 2006. He has exemplified the leadership of past Tennessee Senators such as Bill Frist, Fred Thompson, and Howard Baker. The Tennessee Republican Party is grateful for his service to our state and all he has done for our party.
"Tennessee has been blessed with great leaders, and that has held true in recent years. As such, I am confident that whoever our party's voters nominate next year will win in November and continue the legacy of strong, principled, Republican leadership that the United States Senate has seen from Tennessee."

Thank you
It has been an honor to serve as your TFRW Corresponding Secretary under the leadership of President Linda D. Buckles. As many of you know, I moved to Florida after our last board meeting to be near my brother and his wife both of whom are struggling with health issues while also running a very busy new small business. Just recently, I have accepted a very challenging position as a Postpartum nurse in a very busy Hospital in SW Florida, a big Health care company headquartered out of Nashville, TN :).
I will be transitioning my job as TFRW Corresponding Secretary early to the next elected Corresponding Secretary right after the Convention. I am so sorry I will not be able to attend!! Generally, newly elected officers begin in January, but there is a transition time for all newly elected officers so please be patient with the TFRW after the Convention as we transition. 

Thank you! 
Tracy White
TFRW Corresponding Secretary

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NFRW Convention

TN  gave ten $100 gift cards to Walmart (along with several personal cards from members) to the Texas President Theresa Kosmoski to bring back to her state for Hurricaine Harvey relief.

 TFRW President Linda D. Buckles  accepting the Volunteer Campaign Award /xibfor Tennessee 2nd place to TN Senator Mae Beavers. 

Tennessee Delegates to the NFRW convention in Philadelphia, PA 

Congratulations to the slate of the NFRW. TN wishes you well in your upcoming term 2017-2019

Washington County Republican Women President Sharon Boring invited to speak to the NFRW regarding Membership! Congratulations our own President of the Washington County Club for taking your club to number 1 in TN in Membership numbers!!!!!

Fellow Republicans,

Someone passed this onto to me and I am passing on to you.  "Sometimes the best work that can be done is when no one sees what you are doing!"  

If any of you would like to send Alejandro Villanueva a card or letter thanking  him for standing for the national anthem here is the address:
        Pittsburg Steelers
        Pittsburg Steelers Offensive Tackle
       Alejandro Villanueva
        3400 South Water St.
        Pittsburg, PA  15203

"It's A Great Time To Be Involved!"

Sharon Boreing
WCRW President

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