Standing Rules

Standing Rules- 10-18-19


1. A member who has been removed from membership of the TFRW shall not attend club meetings, state meetings or any other TFRW sponsored function or event.  

2. An officer or Executive Committee member who is not in good standing shall not attend club meetings, state meetings or any other TFRW sponsored function or event.  They may resume their role upon satisfaction of requirements as stated in the Bylaws under “Reinstatement”.

3. If a Club is not in good standing, the President of that Club, or her representative, shall not represent said Club as a member of the local Republican Party Executive Committee.  TFRW determines the eligibility of a president of a TFRW Federated Cub, not the TNGOP.


Social Media Guidelines:

1. Accounts should be updated regularly.
2. All accounts should align with the purposes of the TFRW.
3. Accounts should not endorse candidates in contested primaries.
4. Accounts should not share or like posts or articles that speak negatively of Republican elected leaders.
5. Accounts should not share, like, post or comment using profanity or other obscenities.
6. Accounts should keep in mind that any activity may be referenced in broader media outlets as representative of the Greater Republican women’s Federation.
7. Upon request of the club President, the present administrator must relinquish her position to the Club President.
8. Administrators must approve new members.
9. Administrator must approve every post.


Duties of the Standing Committees: 

1. Campaign Committee – the chairman keeps up with and verifies campaign hours submitted by members; she sends out reminders to members and coordinates all campaign hours and compiles report for president. 

2. Finance Committee – the chairman is the fund raising chair and devises opportunities for raising money; she should have items for sale at meetings and events to sell for the TFRW. 

3. Public Relations Committee – the chairman sends out notices and press releases to newspapers, radio and TV regarding TFRW information. 

4. Bylaws Committee- the chairman works with her committee to oversee compliance with State and Club Bylaws; the committee reviews Club Bylaws to ensure compliance with the template. State Bylaws are reviewed  for compliance with NFRW Bylaws. The Bylaws Committee works in consultation with the Parliamentarian. Advise and insure that the Executive Committee and Board of Directors follows the TFRW Bylaws when a breach has occurred. Provides guidance in the understanding and execution of the duties and policies of the TFRW.

5. Legislative & Research Committee – chairman informs members of current legislative actions. 

6. Membership Committee – the chairman works with the Second Vice President to helps promote membership throughout the state; she helps form clubs and promotes membership incentives.


Standing rules outline the procedures of the association with specific details that are not included in the bylaws and that must not conflict with the bylaws. Standing Rules are a board document that formalize how decisions can be made and business conducted. Unlike bylaws which can be changed only by membership, standing rules can be changed more easily, usually by a majority vote of the board at a regularly scheduled board meeting.

1. The President’s and Treasurer’s signatures are required for transactions over $1000. 

2. All reimbursement requests must be filed at the next board meeting following the date the transaction occurred. 

3. TFRW debit/credit card transactions are to be treated the same as checking and other financial transactions except when securing services and arrangements for approved TFRW functions. 

4. No TFRW officer or member has authority to move monies in accounts without approval of the Executive Board; the approval shall be reflected in the minutes. 

5. The TFRW follows the in NFRW bylaws when the TFRW Bylaws are silent on an issue. 

6. It is preferred that the office of president rotates from West to Middle to East. 

7. The TFRW Biennial Convention shall rotate from West to East to Middle region. 

8. All TFRW board meetings are to be held in the Nashville region within a 50 mile radius.

9. No member can hold two voting positions on the TFRW Board of Directors simultaneously. 


“An Area Vice President must endeavor to attend every board meeting. If unable to attend, she must make an effort to send a proxy. Any Area VP who misses two (2) consecutive meetings without a valid explanation will be considered for removal from her position.”

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