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  Linda Buckles, President

Welcome to the Tennessee Federation of Republican Women website. We are a grassroots volunteer political group organized to promote Republican values and to help get Republican candidates elected for good government. We are a member of the National Federation of Republican Women founded in 1938 with over 75,000 members nationwide.

If you are a Republican woman and if you are interested in becoming a more informed voter, interested in being educated in the political process and interested in interacting with our state and local officials and candidates, we invite you to join us. Browse our list of clubs to find a local club near you.

A Tennessee Federation of Republican Women Resolution to Support 

                                             Amendment 1 

WHEREAS, on September 15, 2000, history was changed for Tennesseans by the Tennessee Supreme Court’s 4-1 decision in Planned Parenthood of Middle Tennessee v. Sundquist claiming there is an inherent right to abortion in the Tennessee Constitution; and,

WHEREAS,   as a result of the Tennessee Supreme Court’s ruling, it is impossible for Tennessee voters and elected officials to enact common sense protections that would protect the unborn children or abortion –vulnerable girls and women; and,

WHEREAS, Tennessee is one of the leading providers of abortion to women living outside its borders, according to the latest information from the United States Center for Disease Control; and,  

WHEREAS,  Republicans led the fight to pass SJR 127 in the 106th Tennessee  General Assembly in 2009 and the 107th Tennessee General Assembly in 2011 to put Amendment 1 on the ballot; and,

WHEREAS, Amendment 1 will be on the general election ballot for November 4th, 2014; and,

WHEREAS, Amendment 1, if approved by the voters of Tennessee, would make the Constitution of the State of Tennessee neutral on the issue of abortion and return authority to the people of Tennessee through their elected representatives, subject to the requirements of the United States Constitution; and,

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Tennessee Federation of Republican Women urges all Members and Associates of our clubs across the state of Tennessee to vigorously support the adoption of Amendment 1.


Linda D. Buckles
Tennessee Federation of Republican Women

 Ladies Day on The Hill 2014

Thank you Nashville Republican Women for hosting a great event!



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