The Barbara McAndrews’s Iris Fund

The Barbara McAndrew’s Iris Fund

In November of 1997, the Tennessee Federation of Republican Women (TNFRW) Board of Directors established a Political Action Committee (PAC) to provide assistance for Republican candidates during the General Election who are seeking election to the Tennessee General Assembly. To honor the effective and diligent efforts of the out-going President in 1997, the Board called this PAC the Barbara McAndrew’s Iris Fund (Iris Fund).

The Iris Fund is managed by a committee of the TNFRW. The committee is composed of six members, two members being from each of the three geographic divisions of Tennessee identified as East, Middle and West Tennessee. The committee is appointed by the President-elect after officers have been elected at the biennial convention and subject to the approval of the Executive Board. The Chairman of the committee shall be appointed by the President-elect and approved by the Executive Board.

Barbara McAndrew served on the committee as an advisor up until her death in 2011. By two-thirds vote of the entire committee, the committee may seek expert advice from other advisors relating to the immediate management concerns. The committee does work closely with the Tennessee Republican Party. The Committee has sole responsibility of disbursement of monies.

The first round of checks were presented on September 4, 1998 to our Republican Legislative candidates. Every election cycle since, the Iris Fund has continued to provide financial support to Tennessee’s General Assembly’s candidates.

Nancy Hines served as the first Treasurer, followed by Barbara Brewer who was appointed as treasurer on March 31, 2008. Gayle Bennett became treasurer in 2015, and currently, Lyna Medlock serves as the Iris Fund Treasurer.

Rieta Selberg served as the first Chairman

TNFRW Club Contributions and Participation

Each TNFRW affiliated club is expected to contribute to the Barbara McAndrew Iris Fund annually.  

In the even numbered years, club representatives from across the state gather in Nashville for the Iris Fund Luncheon or Brunch after the legislative session has ended. Clubs may also be asked for an auction item or monetary donation for this luncheon.  

In the odd numbered years at the TNFRW Biennial Convention, TNFRW affiliated clubs who have submitted their checks to the Iris Fund Treasurer will be listed in the Convention Program. 

Checks are presented in the even numbered years to the Republican State Legislative candidates who have won the August State Primary Election. 

Every election cycle since the Iris Fund was established, TNFRW has contributed to provide financial support toward electing Republicans to the Tennessee House of Representatives and Senate.

Barbara Trautman – Chairwoman
Lyna Medlock – Tresurer
Deborah Bailey
Kara Sanders
Brenda Graham
Tina Englen
Rieta Selberg
Beth Webb
Barbara McAndrew’s Iris Fund 2024/25 Committee
Barbara Trautman

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