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7 November 

From The President's Desk
TFRW President Barbara Trautman

Congratulations and thank you! It was a blanket RED WAVE win for Tennessee on Tuesday night with Tennesseans proving how red our state really is.

After almost an entire year of campaigning and after much campaign work from all fifty one Tennessee Federation of Republican Women Federated Clubs and their members, our Republican candidates enjoyed victory on Tuesday night. This effort was the best to date for Federated Club involvement.

No job was too small for our Federated Club members. From attending rallies, fundraisers and meet and greets, to staffing campaign headquarters and RNC/TNGOP Victory 2018 field offices, to driving to other counties to pick up yard signs and then distributing them, to making hundreds of phone calls, to many weekends of door knocking, to early voting and election day poll watching, exit polling, and election day recorders, everyone came together to contribute to the WIN.

Marsha Blackburn's race for U.S. Senate brought national attention when NFRW sent a Strike Force to Franklin on October 19-21. We had extra "boots on the ground" that weekend when volunteers came from Iowa, Alabama, South Carolina, and other counties in Tennessee to door knock and make Get Out the Vote phone calls on Marsha's behalf. Some Federated Republican Women from North Carolina came across the mountains to the tri-cities area four days before the Strike Force, and members of the Indiana Federation came to Nashville to work on Marsha's behalf on October 31 and stayed during the last days of the campaign. Federated Clubs in Arizona and California downloaded the phone app and made calls on Marsha's network.

President Trump campaigned in Tennessee three times. Vice President Pence campaigned in Tennessee three times. Eric Trump, Senator Joanie Ernst and Senator Lindsey Graham also campaigned in Tennessee.

Early voting and election day turnouts were extraordinary. This whole campaign effort on behalf of all our Republican candidates was huge!

Congratulations Governor Bill Lee, U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn, U.S. Congressmen Phil Roe, Tim Burchette, Chuck Fleishmann, Scott DesJarlais, John Rose, Mark Green, and David Kustoff.
Congratulations to all Republican winners in the state Senate and state House. We commend you all for the hard work and tireless effort you have shown in this important election year. 
  • February 2 - TFRW Winter Board Meeting
  • April 1 - TFRW Ladies Day on the Hill
We look forward to a fun filled 2019!

Barbara Trautman
Tennessee Federation of Republican Women

Tennessee Federation of Republican Women, 3089 Oakleigh Ln., Germantown, TN 38138
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