How Can You Help Marsha Win in November
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24 August
Saturday's Iris Fund Luncheon & Silent Auction Were A Success!
Thank you!

Thank you so much to everyone attending Saturday's Biennial TFRW Iris Fund Luncheon and Silent
Auction. It was a great success. And a big THANK YOU to Tennessee's next first lady, Maria Lee, for joining us. It was a real pleasure to hear her speak and get to know her.

 How can YOU help?
  1. Volunteer for Marsha's campaign:
  2. Donate to Marsha's campaign:
  3. Like Marsha on Facebook, and share her page with all of your friends and your family:
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TFRW and Blackburn Campaign Work Together On Voter Registration
Voter Registration Deadline 9 October

TFRW and Marsha Blackburn's campaign are teaming up on a joint voter registration project. Rachel Lee from the Blackburn campaign was in attendance at last Saturday's TFRW Iris Fund Luncheon and Silent Auction and presented folders to the club presidents in attendance containing campaign push cards, stickers, etc. 
The National Federation of Republican Women designated September National Voter Registration Month, and asks that each club participate in registering voters during the month of September. As your community holds fairs, festivals, and local events, these venues are ideal for setting up a voter registration table. Remember, Tennesseans can register to vote and update their address by going to So in lieu of paper voter registration cards, you could print up something directing potential voters to this website. Or you could even have an iPad, laptop, etc. with wifi available for them to register to vote right there on the spot. In order to vote in the November election, potential voters must be registered to vote no later than 9 October.   
You club earns four Campaign Activities points for participating in a voter registration drive. See NFRW's Achievement Awards Form:  
If you would like a folder containing Masha Blackburn campaign materials, please email TFRW President Barbara Trautman at   
Tennessee Federation of Republican Women, 3089 Oakleigh Ln., Germantown, TN 38138
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